Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Today we are going to meet you with a wonderful recipe of a smoothie. No doubt, it will please you in all aspects of enjoyment. The taste, the colour and the beauty, the pleasant smell and also the number of nutrients in it will offer you a marvellous feeling. What will offer all these benefits other than fruit? Yes! Today, the topic of our discussion is about the dragon fruit smoothie. Definitely, you may have experienced on enjoying Avacado, papaya and strawberry smoothies, but do you ever think of tasting dragon fruit smoothie? Therefore, let’s start to prepare it. At the same time, you must know why we need to have it in our life and the wonderful beneficence of it. Therefore, let’s depend sometimes on exploring the health benefits of it at the end. Keep reading until the end to collect more information on this.

How to prepare Dragon Fruit smoothie within ten minutes

No doubt, after you reading this piece of writing, you will ever remember to prepare it at least once in a month! First of all, collect the following ingredients to prepare your smoothie.

  • One and a half cup of coconut milk
  • 2 well-matured dragon fruits
  • One or two cups full of blackberries

This is the ideal amounts for a small family with four members. The total time for preparation is about six to ten minutes. However, you have to keep the coconut milk inside the refrigerator for about a day to freeze it well. Otherwise, it will not give that much of smoothie texture! Well! When it comes to preparation time, you have to peel the dragon fruit and spoon its whitish flesh with black seeds into blending jar. Next; you have to add pre-prepared frozen coconut milk and the blackberries into the same jar. However, if you need you can add frozen milk or yoghurt instead of coconut milk and sugar as your preference.

After blending it well, now your smoothie is ready! If you like to serve it beautifully, you can decorate it with strawberries, blackberries and ice creams.

3 wonderful health effects of Dragon Fruit smoothie

  • This is a well-known fruit to fight with heart diseases

The main causes behind heart-related problems are bad dietary habits. However, the dragon fruit contains a large number of healthy fats in its one serving. Therefore, it will not lead to bad heart conditions.

  • It is rich with fibres

We all know the fibre concentration is important to ensure proper digestion process. At the same time, according to the newest updates, it is good for heart health as well.

  • Effects in skin care

The ample amount of vitamins and mineral content in it will lead to offer a range of benefits for the skin along with whitening, fighting against acne and act as an antioxidant to delay the ageing process.

The final thoughts…

Actually, the dragon fruit smoothies are a very favourable drink to please your taste buds as well as ease your tiredness within a second of having it. If you have never tried it, I invite you to try this recipe for once to feel the difference! You will ever die to enjoy it once again. We hope to meet you with another recipe in the next few days. Keep engaging with us!


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