Areolar Reduction

The cosmetic appearance is an important factor for us. Probably, these problems can vary from person to person. Sometimes, the thing someone wishing from their heart may reject by others. However, personal desires are the king in this aspect. Hence, as the health care providers the hospital staff or the cosmetic staff should care about the personal needs. Therefore, they can suggest the best solutions for you. Further, I am mentioning all these facts to come into today’s discussing point. It is about Areola reduction. Some instances, this may be totally unfamiliar to you. However, it is important to read these facts. One day, you may need those to advise someone else who needs support. Actually, this is the dark area around your nipples. So, when it increases darkness it can disturb the pretty looking breasts. Therefore, most of the women are like to reduce it.

How can you perform Areola reduction?

Most probably, we used to find easy solutions for our needs. However, it is not easy to erase the darkness around the nipple by using simple methods. Actually, these are natural pigmented areas. Hence, this darker look is common for all women. Therefore, it is not a secondary scar or black patches such as pimple marks or scars. So, practically it is not easy to reduce this dark colour.

However, you can try the natural bleachings to check it’s. But, it is better to avoid artificial products. Further, do not expect to reduce them with oral supplements. It is not a reliable method. So, you can either try tomato juice, potato juice or honey turmeric paste as the natural remedies or meet a physician for medical options.

Probably, your last option may be the surgery. But, do not worry! These are the common treatment option in the world. Hence, the cosmetologist will ensure your safety and satisfaction after the surgery. However, you also should have an understanding of prior preparations. So, you can follow the below lines to read more in it.

First, prepare for the Areola reduction surgery

Basically, you must look back to the requirement of this surgical intervention at first. Definitely, your doctor will explain the procedure one to two weeks before. Further, they will instruct the common indications. Those include mothers after long period breastfeeding, the women who lost their body weight rapidly and a few other cases. Hence, you can review your needs related to these advises.

So, let’s think you have decided to go to the theatre. Now, you have to avoid frequent medications as advised by the doctor. Moreover, it is necessary to arrange a vehicle to drop you back home. Further, you have to arrange leaves for a few weeks.

The day before the surgery is very important. Sometimes, you will have to be in fasting for about twelve hours to undergo general anaesthesia. However, this will depend upon the surgeons choice. Most probably, they will not take you to the surgical bed with local anaesthesia. Next; you have to avoid cosmetic usage over the breast in the day of the surgery.

Aware of possible consequences after surgery

As usual, you may be exposed to several outcome measures after the surgery. Therefore, be aware of infective agents until the stitches are healing. Probably, it is normal to feel pain at the operated side. Hence, you can ask for analgesics from your doctor. Furthermore, you may experience sensory loss in the central breast area around the nipple for about a few weeks. And also, it will be a most disturbing period with difficulty in wearing usual bras and feed your babies. Eventually, they will ask you to stay away from sex for a short period of time as well.

What can you do for Areola reduction scars

The scars are not like the darkness in areola areas. Hence, it is easy to remove those with regular home-based tips and tricks.

Areola reduction before and aftercare

Actually, you are a healthier person before the surgery. But, it will change after it. Therefore, you have to pay extra attention to your body for a few weeks after this surgical therapy. So, the medical team will advise you accordingly.

The last lines for you

At last, Areola reduction is a type of cosmetic need. However, you must think twice before deciding to go for it. Actually, it is not a life-threatening situation. But, there can be several health issues at the end. Well, let’s keep the end mark at this point. So, we can meet again with another interesting post like this. Until that, keep connecting us!


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